Thursday, 27 September 2012

Web Marketing Ideas and Tips

Like the previous decade, the present decade too belongs to web marketing. For business owners - small, medium and large, marketing their website online is critical for surviving tough competition and emerging successful. While web marketing is a tricky business, here are some great web marketing tips and ideas to ensure greater reach, more traffic and of course more customers.

Online Marketing – Tips & Tricks

If you are a business owner, it is important to actively pursue the following tips and tricks in order to ensure website success:

Conventional Advertising

SEO & Paid Search: One of the most commonly used web marketing techniques includes SEO and paid search or PPC. Listing website on organic search is a long-term process but can deliver great results with consistent and dedicated efforts.

Paid search or PPC is yet another widely used marketing channel that delivers instant traffic and conversions. Even with a minimalistic budget, a well-optimized PPC account can deliver consistent returns over a period of time.

Social Media: The latest kid on the block, social media is definitely a bone of contention for all companies. A brand page on Facebook with a huge fan base, large number of followers on Twitter and LinkedIn has become crucial in building a strong online brand as well as increase client base.

Innovative Ideas

Viral Campaigns: Viral campaigns have emerged as one of the most preferred forms of promoting your brand. While it may not be directly linked to online sales, a funny video commercial or series spread through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. can definitely garner large number of eyeballs and make your brand popular within a relatively short span.

Organize a Meet-up for Online Professionals and Experts: While this can be a more expensive and an elaborate affair, it can certainly go a long way in establishing your brand value and enhance your credibility, which in turn can enhance conversions.
Each of these methods is a strong web marketing pillar in itself and can contribute heavily in delivering high returns for your digital efforts.